Goodbye 2014! Hello 2015!

Goodbye 2014!

My time with you is almost over and I’m really ready for you to just go! However, I will give you a most proper and gracious send-off, just to show there are no hard feelings.

In honour of your departure, I have created a countdown clock that will represent something I’ve learned/experienced/realized/been challenged with/succeeded at, or grown from during my time with you.


T-E-N….Words and actions from the heart contribute to meaningful and intimate connections with others. We may come across as an interesting, resourceful or smart person when we provide knowledge or information, but we exude kindness and beauty when we give from a spirit non-ego place.

N-I-N-E….The Greeks had two descriptions for time – Chronos and Kairos. Chronos is time we can measure and quantify. It’s the time we get obsessed and anxious about. It’s hard to manage, creates stress, and is used as an excuse. I am opting for living more in Kairos time. It’s purposeful, flowing and fluid and doesn’t have so many boundaries and expectations.

E-I-G-H-T…..We can waste a lot of precious time and energy hoping, wishing, worrying and obsessing about those things that we have NO control over in life. It’s better to just put that energy towards what we DO have control over. (As with most of what I’m reviewing about 2014, this is NOT a new insight. Just a reminder….sigh)

S-E-V-E-N…..When we experience those things we fear the most about experiencing in life, we can move into a different way of being. In some respects, we can become more liberated and more at peace. Whatever our fear might be – unemployment, death of a loved one, homelessness, a serious illness, bankruptcy, being a victim of crime – if we are always afraid of that event occurring, we can hold ourselves back from truly living. But once we’ve experienced the event, we can access an inner power and strength because we have gotten the so-called ‘worst-case scenario’ out of the way. We can acknowledge that this horrible event occurred and we’re still here to talk about it. We have survived!

(Note #1: this is not an invitation to manifest and experience all these events, but to know and appreciate that we may, and others have, and life still goes on! Note #2: I have experienced most of these things listed – and more – myself, and I’m STILL here to talk about it!)

S-I-X…..When we insert ‘how do I want to be remembered after I die’ into our daily thoughts, we can really alter the way we live. We can choose to do and have those things that are most important. We can be a person that holds those qualities and experiences that are most appealing and powerful to be!

F-I-V-E….There will ALWAYS be chores, errands and projects to do around the home. There will always be some person or some creature to take care of on some level. This is the price we pay for having a place to live and people and animals to love.

F-O-U-R….‘We can’t get blood from a stone’. Rather than focussing our hurts and frustrations on those who are not doing it ‘right’; who are not living up to our ‘expectations’ and who have done us ‘wrong’, we need to acknowledge and appreciate those who DO show up for us! We need to receive, respect and nurture those relationships that ARE available and loving!

T-H-R-E-E…..Our physical dimension always responds to our emotional and spiritual dimensions. Always! Our body will hold, react or expel whatever our mind and heart are experiencing. Whether it’s anger, worry and guilt, or contentment, peace and joy, our body is the container for our thoughts and feelings.

T-W-O…..Everyone has a story! Every One! When we activate our curiosity and open our heart, we’ll discover there are biographies that will alarm, charm, titillate, confuse, provoke, inspire and inform us of what another has really experienced in their life. Sharing our stories creates connection with others. It helps us to be more understanding and patient and to eliminate judgement. It offers a new level of realness, vulnerability and intimacy.

O-N-E…..Love and be loved. Because that’s REALLY what it’s all about!

Hello 2015!






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