One of the Most Powerful Dimensions of Being Human

I think one of the most powerful dimensions that humans possess is their emotional dimension, or feelings.

I’ve studied psychology, marketing, and health. I’ve been involved in retail, music, beauty and art.

In everything I’ve experienced in life and work, there is this necessity of having to know; of learning and becoming an expert in our field with our product or service.

Our mind seems to dictate our life.

Or does it?

Most people do not make decisions based on what they have learned or know. They make them based on emotions – on how ‘it’ – whatever ‘it’ is –  makes them FEEL.

I have always worked with feelings.

I worked in a bank. People had feelings about money – their money.

I worked in an esthetic salon. People had feelings about how they looked.

I worked in retail. People had feelings about how the product they were purchasing would make them feel.

I also worked in a bookstore. People wanted to feel smart. It was a personal development bookstore, so people wanted to feel smart and aware of themselves.

I worked in a medical office. People wanted to feel better.

I worked as a professional organizer. People wanted to feel free of administrative tangles and clutter and backlog.

I worked as a life, career and job coach. People wanted to feel like they could manage their life, discover their ideal career and find a dream job.

We are creatures of emotions and feelings.

My point?

As I walk this path of life, I have become more acutely aware that one of the components that makes me most human; that makes me want to love and be loved; to connect with others; to have others connect with me; to paint; to write; and to go to work each day, are my feelings. They are my compass. They provide me with information about my environment and myself. They are unharnessed at times (which can be embarrassing), yet, they must BE. They are who I am. I was born with feelings. We ALL were!

Let them BE! Make no excuses or apologies. Do not try to always override them with reason if you are inclined to do so. Reason and rationality are very important, but not at the expense of our feelings. Knowing things is great. But knowledge is just as mutable as feelings.

So, my thoughts – or feelings to you – are: EMBRACE how you FEEL. In your whole body. We tend to think (HA) we feel in the heart region. And yes, we do, AAAANNNNDDD, we feel in our body. Connect with this wonderful, whole, creature that you are. And trust your feelings!



One thought on “One of the Most Powerful Dimensions of Being Human

  1. Mira K. says:

    Great newsletter Chris…just catching up on my emails now. Yes, embracing your feelings have merit, but when I feel unwanted feelings (anger, bitterness, jealousy, lack, sadness)… those are ones so difficult to accept, especially when you know they are ego driven and not rational, and then I guess I have to involve my mind and rationalize myself out of them, or meditate and quiet my mind until those feelings pass. Anyways, you are always thought provoking. Hope you are well. Cheers! Mira

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