Vocational / Career Consulting

A big part of our life is our work. There are many words we use to describe this part such as job, occupation, employment and career. Personally, I  prefer the word, VOCATION, which means “to be called”.

Many people see the work area of their life as a burden, something they HAVE to do in order to survive. However, I have investigated this particular attitude and found that participating in work – or a vocation – that I really enjoy and which allows me to access and develop my desired talents and skills, is MUCH more satisfying than just working to pay the bills.

When we discover our vocation (and there can be more than one in our lifetime, or even at one time), we give ourselves a chance to do something for 8 hours per day, 5 days per week, 20 days per month, and 40 years of our life, that ALIGNS WITH OUR HEART and VALUES, not just our pocketbook.

I spent 17 years experimenting with different vocations, all of them filled something inside of me at the time, however, the ones I am participating in now align with me the DEEPEST and the MOST! I encourage everyone to find their True Calling, and to never give up until they do.

One of my contract positions is with Right Management as a Career Management Project Consultant http://www.right.com/

My training in this area includes: Vocational Counselling; Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Step 1 Qualification; Job Club Coach Certification; Career Development Certification through the B. C. Career Development Association and numerous industry-specific professional development seminars.


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