Facilitation / Education

A big part of my work which I really enjoy is facilitating groups. Leading a classroom of adults from different cultures, economic, educational and occupational backgrounds is incredibly stimulating! It’s also extremely challenging, when you consider the different beliefs, values, experiences and attitudes that people bring to their learning environment–but that makes it all that much more dynamic!

I have learned most of what I know about people from doing this work, such as, EVERYONE wants to be heard, respected and acknowledged for who they are and what they bring to life. I create a safe, fun, thoughtful and respectful learning environment for ALL. Everyone has their own gifts to bring to a shared learning space, and my role is to engage them in this process, by allowing them see their own knowledge, skills and talents, as well as those of all the others in the group.

I have been working with groups since 1998. I have taught night courses at Vancouver Community College and the Vancouver School Board Continuing Education Program as well as having been a guest instructor with UBC Career & Life Centre. For twelve years, I facilitated a three week, government funded program for people who were making a career change either because of circumstances or choice.

I have developed my knowledge and skills as an educator/facilitator in several ways: Toastmasters; the Provincial Instructors’ Program; various Train-the-Trainer courses; Stand-up Comedy and Improv Theatre, and the over 5000 people I have worked with over the years.


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