Grief Education

I am involved as a member, educator and facilitator with the Lower Mainland Grief Recovery Society (LMGRS), which is a registered charitable organization that has been providing grief support groups in the greater Vancouver area since it was incorporated in 1990.These programs have been offered in the communities of Kerrisdale, North Vancouver, Richmond and Downtown Vancouver.

Our programs are designed for those who have suffered the death of a significant person by helping them understand, cope and live with their loss. We help the grieving person move from pain to healing in a non-judgemental, compassionate and confidential environment. The group facilitators come to this work from a variety of backgrounds, including healthcare, counselling, pastoral work, education, and social service. All have received their bereavement education from the LMGRS and all have experienced first-hand the heartbreak of their own personal losses.

In our twenty-two years of service, we have delivered more than one hundred grief support programs and have provided information and resources for close to 1000 people that have attended these programs. The LMGRS board and grief facilitators have worked tirelessly to provide and maintain a high level of knowledge, time, energy and compassion in order to keep this society and its mission alive in the community!

The LMGRS is also involved in Grief Education and Community Awareness. We know that everyone is going to experience a loss at some point in their life, therefore we are dedicated to providing information and education to individuals, organizations and agencies about how to manage this loss and the subsequent grief. 

We have delivered presentations to Rotary Clubs, Church Pastoral Care Teams and Outreach Committees and Funeral Homes. Most recently we have provided educational seminars to the Chinese Family Support Group at the Richmond Canadian Mental Health Association and the Critical Incident Stress Management Team at Richmond Fire Rescue. We have also co-hosted community events and trade shows about honouring loss and bereavement and life management.

Our presentations are lead by our knowledgeable and personable grief support facilitators and include topics such as: ‘How to Deal with Grief’; ‘How to Help a Grieving Person’ and ‘Do No Harm.’

While raising awareness and providing education is very important to us, so is keeping our society in operation, therefore we do apply a fee for having our facilitators present to your group. 

We also provide in-house Grief Education Workshops to those individuals who would like to have a better understanding of how to support those who are struggling with loss. This workshop consists of an 18 hour intense experiential process of learning the language, tools and resources necessary to help those who are grieving. Please visit our site for more information.

If you would like more information, or are interested in arranging for us to come and give a presentation, please contact: 

Chris Newell

LMGRS President

ph: 604-839-3167   em: 




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