Life Coaching

I’ve been working as a Life Coach……well…….probably all my life, but officially as of 1997. I moved into this field after many years of searching and experimenting with different ways of living and working. I feel that wisdom is the TRUE nectar of sustainability for the spiritual, mental, physical and emotional realms and that wisdom provides PEACE and ultimately, CONTENTMENT.

I feel this wisdom can be attained by: thinking for ourselves; knowing and honouring our choices and values; taking responsibility for our speech and actions; understanding and expressing our feelings; learning from others’ experiences and opening ourselves to becoming more AWARE and ACCEPTING of ourselves, others and the world! (there’s much more to my philosophy, but you’ll have to meet…or hire me to find out 🙂

Wisdom can also be enhanced by being engaged in our vocations, avocations and volunteer work. I have worked in many industries and in many capacities such as: food services, banking, health and beauty, retail management, sales, marketing, promotion, administration and self employment. I’ve also volunteered in leading support groups, being a Big Sister, organizing and MC’ing at special events, and increasing memberships and visibility for non-profit organizations.

The common thread in all my work has been PEOPLE……I love helping people to satisfy a need, a desire or to achieve a goal. In the past I did this by offering food, financial assistance, skin care and beauty advice, self help and recovery books, clothes, a healthy lifestyle and healing therapies. Now I’m helping people by providing tools and support so they can satisfy their OWN needs.

The areas that I coach people on include: time & money management / effective communication / leadership & collaboration / holistic living / setting boundaries / confidence building / creativity & play / balanced lifestyle / career & life transition / goal setting / risk taking & managing fear.

There’s feeding a man a fish, or showing him how to fish. I want to help man – PEOPLE – learn how to build the fishing rod to catch the fish they want! This is where TRUE empowerment is created and sustained. By helping people discover their OWN WAY with the aid of honest and compassionate guidance and accountability.

My training in this area includes: The Coaches Training Institute and Vancouver Community College.


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