My Favourite Things

I have always been an admirer and pseudo-participant in cultural related activities. I have taken courses and dabbled in writing, art, music, performance and dance. I have an appreciation for creativity, self expression, and beauty.

The last few years I have been engaged in painting. Here are a two of my favourites. 




Chris horse_2


My favourite, and only Art Teacher is:

I also have been interested in and proactive toward health and wellness. I’ve struggled with health issues such as Fibromyalgia, Peripheral Neuropathy, Chronic Fatigue and other less severe conditions throughout my life, and have learned that research, self awareness, discipline, commitment and perseverance are all necessary in order to recover from and prevent disease. I am a born-again vegetarian.

Here are a few of my favourite Health Related Sites: (ask for Dr. Posen or Dr. Lam) (ask for Dr. Numerow)

I’m also passionate about nature, specifically the forests and mountains. I consider myself a Woodland Creature. My favourite places in British Columbia are Pacific Spirit Park, Jericho Park/Beach, Garibaldi Park (which is the picture on my header. I hiked there just to get this picture too. :-), The Northshore Mountains, The Reifel Bird Sanctuary and Galiano Island.

Here are a couple of my favourite Nature Sites and Businesses:

I don’t have a TV, so one of my sources of information, entertainment, and inspiration is the Internet (the other source is PEOPLE).
Here are a couple of my favourite Learning and Inspirational Sites:

Reading has been my most consistent interest and passion. No matter how I feel, or what’s going on in my life, I always make time to read. I believe in supporting independent booksellers and the library.

Here are a few of my favourite Independent Booksellers:

And……I LOVE music! Jazz, classical, early and of course, Rock n’ Roll! 



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