Playshop Weekend Retreats

A lot of our personal and professional life can feel like work. We go to work. We do our house work. We do our book work. We are always doing some kind of work!

We might escape from work by engaging in our hobbies, recreational pursuits and interests, or hanging out with friends. This is what we ‘work’ for in many cases.

But sometimes we just can’t find the time or energy to really play. It could be because we’ve made our lives busy with every space filled with activity. It could be because we just can’t find the money to go play because we are putting it toward those things that we think are important. It could be because we don’t have the energy; we are overwhlemed, burned out or struggling with some life situation that has shocked or saddened us.

A big part of self care, healing and life/work balance is playing! To me, this means engaging in activities that allow us to release and refresh our body and mind and rejuvenate us in a gentle, positive and loving way. Just removing ourselves from our usual routine can be a great way to bring new life and energy into our souls, and our relationships with ourself and others.

Going into a natural setting where there are no expectations, and connecting with others who are committed to self care and healing, can be extremely energizing! Add to this activities that allow you to move the body to music, meditate, create, indulge in the freshness of trees and ocean and the singing of birds, and you have a cocktail of joy!

Getting away to play is a chance to stimulate, embrace, restore and come home to your perfect, whole and loving self! And really, isn’t that who we always are and want to be more of?

If you, or someone you know is interested in co-facilitating a Playshop Retreat with me, please let me know!



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